Blog #6 Love is in the Air...

“Love is in the air ... everywhere I look around


Love is in the air ... every sight and every sound


And I don't know if I'm being foolish


But the glittering hearts I despise


All of this commercialization


Will be romanticism’s certain demise…"



Well, maybe not. But it is in my opinion, and thousands of others who would agree, that the candy/red roses/diamonds yearly regimen has been overdone and, really, how many Valentine’s day cards can one memory box hold?


Instead of the same predictable purchases this year my partner has been contributing to my aquarium addiction. Tropical fish keeping is one of my other passions in the slower times of winter and my new fishy additions make me extremely happy and are greatly appreciated. And I will be able to care for them and watch them grow and thrive for years to come. Much more appealing then eating a box of chocolates followed by extra time in the gym working off the guilt that this indulgence brings.


Presenting someone with a plant vs. a bouquet of flowers is just like the aquarium fish. It is one gift that will give again and again, bringing much joy throughout the years.  Better yet, just think of how much happiness a whole garden can bring? Not planning on such a grand level? Give them some consulting time with a garden designer.




In lieu of the regular stuff and for tuning in to my blog I am giving you a list of plants that have some sort of association with Valentine’s day in their name. Yes, this has been covered in other blogs but you may find some LOVEly and unique plants that you will simply ADORE and DESIRE to have in your own garden. KISS boring goodbye and EMBRACE these lesser known varieties. (Sorry… couldn’t help myself).

Just mouse over each picture, click on it and watch it open up in a big window where you can see the full picture of the plant and a description.

And now for the usuals…these guys are awesome annuals but are usually featured in other Valentine's Day blogs. Just in case you missed them before and since it this was written in honor of February 14th and I needed to include three more selections to make 14.         

Here we go:

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